Catalan Graphic Novels

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Titles marked with * are rated Young Adult.
Adventures Of Blake & Mortimer

Adventures Of Rocco Vargas; Triton (Daniel Torres)

* Adventures Of Yoko, Vic & Bob 3 Suns

* Adventures of Yoko, Vic & Bob Vulcan's Forge

Anarcoma Hardback

Baciliero The Talking Head

Bells Therom I (Schultheiss)

Bells Therom II

Bells Therom III

Billy Budd KGB

Black Squares On White Pieces

Bodyssey (Richard Corben)


Breakthrough (Bilial/Moebius etc)

Burton & CYB

Cabbie (Dick Tracy Homage)(Marti)

Case Files Of Sam Pezzo PI (Giardino)

* Code XIII All Tears Of Hell

* Code XIII Day Of Black Sun

* Code XIII Where The Indian Walks

Companions Of The Dusk

Dark Tales (Jordi Bernet)

Deadly Dalliance (Giardino)

Deep City (Evaristo)

Den 2 Movovum (Richard Corben)

Dies Irae (Milo Manara)

Dorm Girls

Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde (Crepax)

Druuna (Click here for Adult GN)

Dulled Feelings (Igort)

Edgar Allen Poe (Corben)

Erma Jaguar

Erma Jaguar II

Exterminator 17 (Bilial)

Fires (Mattotti)

Ghita Of Alizarr (Frank Thorne)

Ghita Of Alizarr II (Frank Thorne)

Gods In Chaos (Bilal)

Goodbye & Other Stories

Hearts Of Sand


Hungarian Rhapsody (Sam Pezzo) (Giardino)

Hunting Party


Indian Summer (Click here for Adult GN)

Jeremia 13 Strike (Hermann)

Joe's Bar (Jose Munoz)

Justine (Crepax)

Killer Condom

* Kogaratsu Bloody Lotus

Last Voyage Of Sinbad (Corben)

Little Ego (Little Nemo adult homage)

Love Machine

Love Shots

* Magic Crystal V1 (Moebius/Tati)

* Magic Crystal V2

* Magic Crystal V3

Magician's Wife (Charyn)

Man From Harlem Hardback (Crepax)

Mark Of The Dog

Matter Of Time (Juan Gimenez)

Mercanary Cult Sacred

Mercanary Formula

Morbus Gravis (Click here for Adult GN)

Necron 1 (Magnus)

Necron 2

Necron 3

New York Miami

Orient Gateway (Giardino)

Outer States (Bilal)

Perchance To Dream (Click here for Adult GN)

Peter Dark

Pioneers Of Human Adventures

Ranks Of Black Order (Bilal)

Ranxerox V1

Ranxerox V11

Ranxerox V111

Realms (Paul Kirchner)

Rebel (Pepe Moreno)

Richard Corben Underground

Romantic Flower

Saxon (Daniel Torres)

Shooting Stars Hardcover

Specialist Full Moon (Magnus)

Spell Of Misty Forest

Squeak The Mouse Hardcover

Superwest Comics Hardcover (Mattioli)


Survivor II

Talking Heads

Tex Arcana

Torpedo 1936 (Jordi Bernet)

Torpedo II

Torpedo III

Torpedo VI

Torpedo V

Torpedo VI

Torpedo VII

Town That Didn't Exist (Bilial)

Underground (Corben)

Valentina V1 (Crepax)

Venus In Furs (Crepax)

Video Clips (Liberatore)

Wererwolf (Richard Corben)

Whisper Mystery (Daniel Torres)

Woman Trap (Bilal)

* Young Blueberry (Moebius)

* Young Blueberry II

* Young Blueberry III

Zeppelin (Pepe Moreno)

Zora & The Hibernauts
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